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Parenting by Numbers(tm) provides an on-line behavioral assessment tool and token economy system to help mental health professionals provide parent training and therapeutic support to families with children exhibiting behavioral diffculties. When setup to support a complete token economy, targeted behaviors are reported by parents and other caregivers using telephone, email or website and points/dollars are automatically credited for responsibilities, chores, positive behaviors as well as debited for negative behaviors and privileges expended. In addition to real-time or near real-time behavioral reporting, retrospective assessment and scoring systems, including an on-line SNAP-IV-C assessment and Interactive Behavior Questionnaire, is provided. An automated reminder systems and a memo/communication mechanism is provided to allow the coordination of treatment between multiple caregivers.

While it can be used as part of a comprehensive behavioral treatment program for disorders such as ADHD, CD and ODD, the system can also be used as a simple parenting tool to structure responsibilities, chores and allowances.

Data can be entered or accessed through an on-line web interface, through email and/or via cell phone/PDA text messaging. This makes the system convenient to setup, operate, precise and available to multiple caregivers at almost any time day or night. The system has been designed to allow clinicians meet HIPPA guidelines for privacy and security of protected health information.

There is no charge for clinicians to use the system. Access to the system is available on a per child subscription basis - $99 per quarter year (3 months) or less for longer term subscriptions. An additional child in the same family costs only $30 per quarter. This does not include costs for initial assessment, ongoing psychotherapy or parent counseling. The system is available to parents for the first 30 days risk-free.

A token economy is a program where points and/or money is used as a currency to purchase privileges within the home or school environment. The points/money are earned by meeting responsibilities and by behaving in desirable ways. Points/money are expended to “purchase” privileges and are lost when the child behaves in undesirable ways. Token economies have been widely used in managing a variety of behavioral problems including ADHD.
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